No doubt being a single mother has its challenges. Add an international pandemic, working remotely, and the kids home, well have fun with that. My biggest fear was getting COVID. I go down, my household goes down. I broke a rule and paid for it. My daughter went to a friend’s house and brought itContinue reading “This SPM Had COVID”

Happy Father’s Day JPH

My father protested the Vietnam War. In 1974 they adopted a mixed race daughter from Saigon and raised her as their own. On my father’s side my grandfather was 100% Irish and my grandmother 100% Italian. Uumm… I stutter knowing where my mother’s exact bloodline traces, so I won’t guess, but believe me, once sheContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day JPH”


Mia L. Hazlett There is a saying about Vegas, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Same for your boss’s office. The C-Level (CL)/Executive Assistant (EA) relationship is one of the most unique within the organization. Trust and confidentiality must prevail. I’ve not met one person who didn’t have a bad day on the job.Continue reading “Confidential”

HELLO – There’s an Introvert at the Table

By: Mia L. Hazlett 10/3/2017 This is for all the top bosses out there. After many years of sitting in the executive meetings, I’ve noticed one common element, those who talk get attention. They are perceived as “go-getters, initiators, leaders.” While the quiet ones at the table, are deemed passive and shy, or not teamContinue reading “HELLO – There’s an Introvert at the Table”