Legacy Letter

To My Future Generations,

For those of you who are reading this, you may know me as grandmother, great grandmother, or maybe even great great grandmother. I do hope the writing and speaking career I created has benefited your lives.

There was a time when the world shut down and unemployment unleashed its curse. The leaders of our world determined who was and who was not essential. What a sinister label to have to wear to determine if you were worthy enough to continue to support your family.

Well my loves, they deemed me worthy enough. However, it was that essential label that made me realize it was time to begin my writing career. I pulled together all my finished and unfinished writing projects. I signed with a small book and media publisher who showed interest in not only my writing, but my podcast as well.

I created a plan to complete my projects and began to absorb anything I could that would help me on my journey for a successful writing career. Therefore, in the worst of times and labeled as essential, I began to write with a purpose. I wrote to remove the labeling. I wrote to ensure single professional mothers throughout the world would have a cheerleader in their corners. I wrote so one day you would know I began a legacy in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

With Love,

Legacy Starter

2 responses to “Legacy Letter”

  1. I love this and so glad you found your time to go for it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Monica. I love writing prompts.


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