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I’m so passionate about writing and somewhere along the way, my daughter caught the writing bug. She was published in Stranger Sagas: Stories from Massachusetts as a short story contest winner for her story What Is It? 

Please enjoy these short cliffhanger stories by my daughter and me, Mikayla Black.

CORNER BOOTH – By: Mia L. Hazlett and Mikayla L. Black

Maggie’s after school dying for a burger
Gotta get a paper signed by Ms Velli, so meet u there
I’ll wait at my locker
Just go and get a table

Sarah finished texting and put in her headphones. She hadn’t seen Alex since gym, and couldn’t wait to tell her about the fight at lunch. Maggie’s had the best chili cheese fries and in ten minutes she would be downing her favorite after school treat.

You almost there
No. Near the Chinese food place
Ms. Velli is talking to someone right now, but I’m next

Alex will flip when she hears Tasha and Heather got into it. Heather was trying to start with Alex a week ago after the dance. Sarah couldn’t stand Heather, or Tasha for that matter. Too bad Mr. Rumbly broke up the fight.

Are you there
I just left the school
Hurry. I can’t wait to tell you about the fight

Usually Maggie’s was packed, but as Sarah approached and looked through the windows, it seemed empty. She grabbed the handle and pulled. Dammit. She did that all the time, even though the sign said, “PUSH’.

A creepy couple sat in the back corner booth. The man glanced at Sarah and then returned his attention to his phone. They were the only people. Usually there was the waitress with the purple-streaked hair sitting on the end stool at the counter. Not today.

Sarah slid into her normal booth and waited for Alex.

Just got here
Almost there
There’s only two people here

Sarah looked behind her to the other side of the room. The couple was gone. She faced the front window and didn’t see them in the parking lot. Where’d they go?

“Hello,” she answered her phone.
“Come over,” Alex said.
“What do you mean? I’m waiting for you. Aren’t you almost here?” Sarah asked.
“Almost where?” Alex asked.
“At Maggie’s.”
“Maggie’s? I’m at home babysitting Ryan,” Alex said.

“We’ve been texting for like a half hour about coming here because you wanted a burger.”
“Sarah, I haven’t been texting you.”

Sarah stood and rushed to leave. The couple stood inches from her, blocking her path.

Alex heard her best friend scream before the phone disconnected.  >

Copyright © 2019 by Mia L. Hazlett and Mikayla L. Black

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