Eliminate the negative stereotypes associated with single motherhood and have an international network of single professional mothers who join together to uplift one another.

Bring inspiration and hope to all single mothers so no matter what they are going through, they know they are not alone.

Single Professional Mother (SPM) was originally just an idea for a book, but it has grown to be so much more. SPM is here to create a network of amazing single professional mothers.

The world requires them to support a household on a single income, grind in the competitive workforce, which fails to comprehend this single plight, and take on the sole responsibility of raising our children.

The stories and platform are a place where no masks need to be worn or charades are played. A place where you will find advice or just support on the days when you are a hot mess. Hopefully the articles, podcasts, and blog posts will let you know you are not alone.

Most of all, for every single mother who visits here, however you’ve managed to raise your kids, pursue your career, and support your household – you are an amazing woman and mother.

Watch My Tedx Talk Here.

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