About Us

Single motherhood is honest, fair, and carries no bias. Women of every race, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic class can be touched.

SPM was originally just my idea for a book, but it has grown to be so much more. I didn’t just want to share my story, but create a network of amazing single professional mothers.

Even though there are women of every walk of life running their households by themselves, I wanted a place where these women could join others who get it. I mean really get it.

You see, the world requires us to support a household on a single income, grind in the competitive workforce which fails to comprehend this single plight, and take on the sole responsibility of raising our children.

My stories and platform are a place where no masks need to be worn or charades need to be played. A place where I hope you will find advice or just support on the days when you are a hot mess who missed the softball game or when you want to put your cape away and not be that “strong independent woman.” I hope the articles, podcasts, and  blog posts will let you know you are not alone.

Most of all I want every single mother who visits here to know, however you’ve managed to raise your kids, pursue your career, and support your household – you are an amazing mother. I know how hard your job is. I get it.

Watch My Tedx Talk Here.

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