Mia L. Hazlett


I took a tremendous leap of faith when I left a toxic marriage, along with my full-time job. I realized to pursue a simple life of happiness for myself and daughters, I would have to make life-altering decisions. No instant magic took place, instead my daughters and I remained strays on couches of friends and family and unemployed for over two years.

Giving up every material possession I owned, less my car, allowed me to reflect on my personal struggle of finding love, forgiveness, and humility.  God delivered and restored all I lost.

I began my professional career in marketing. With the birth of my first daughter, I faced the tightrope walk of work-life balance. With a seven month old, I left my position as marketing manager, took a leap, and changed careers. For two decades, I have worked with C- level executives in the field of administrative support. As an executive assistant, I boss the boss.

As God restored me, I was given the opportunity to deliver a TEDx Talk, Defining Your Own Title, at my alma mater Bridgewater State University. I spoke about the importance of naming, claiming, pursuing, and achieving the title you define for yourself.

My daughters motivate me to achieve every goal I set for myself. I know they are always watching. Sometimes they’ve seen me win, sometimes fail, but most importantly, they’ve never seen me quit. I try to instill in my children life is not easy, fair, or something to be taken for granted. I’ve been blessed to be their mother.

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