No doubt being a single mother has its challenges. Add an international pandemic, working remotely, and the kids home, well have fun with that. My biggest fear was getting COVID. I go down, my household goes down. I broke a rule and paid for it. My daughter went to a friend’s house and brought itContinue reading “This SPM Had COVID”

Happy Father’s Day JPH

My father protested the Vietnam War. In 1974 they adopted a mixed race daughter from Saigon and raised her as their own. On my father’s side my grandfather was 100% Irish and my grandmother 100% Italian. Uumm… I stutter knowing where my mother’s exact bloodline traces, so I won’t guess, but believe me, once sheContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day JPH”


Mia L. Hazlett There is a saying about Vegas, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Same for your boss’s office. The C-Level (CL)/Executive Assistant (EA) relationship is one of the most unique within the organization. Trust and confidentiality must prevail. I’ve not met one person who didn’t have a bad day on the job.Continue reading “Confidential”