Mia L. Hazlett Change. One thing I hate the most. I had to make changes that would take me out of my comfort zone. Granted COVID was no help, but pandemic or not, I would have had to make these changes. I needed a new car and job, and to publish my book. It may…


No doubt being a single mother has its challenges. Add an international pandemic, working remotely, and the kids home, well have fun with that. My biggest fear was getting COVID. I go down, my household goes down. I broke a rule and paid for it. My daughter went to a friend’s house and brought it…

Happy Father’s Day JPH

My father protested the Vietnam War. In 1974 they adopted a mixed race daughter from Saigon and raised her as their own. On my father’s side my grandfather was 100% Irish and my grandmother 100% Italian. Uumm… I stutter knowing where my mother’s exact bloodline traces, so I won’t guess, but believe me, once she…

Allyship or Fad?

Am I gaining a white ally or someone riding the wave? No matter social media, television, or just work, racism seems to be the new “hot topic”. You see, George Floyd, was not the first and, call me a pessimist if you will, he will not be the last to die because of racism. George…


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Welcome to my blog. Being an SPM is not easy, but the one outlet I have is my writing. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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