The Sick Day

By: Mia L. Hazlett

I manage another blog, Mommy Not Friend,which speaks to being a single-income household. I recently spoke on The Sick Kid, The Village: The Sick Kid. The thing about sick time with any family, it is utilized by everyoneimages. If you have children, you know what happens when your child says their sick. You either have a backup plan, and you can still go to work or you are taking the day off.

I have remote access so I’m still able to work with a sick kid at home. But there are still offices which function by physical presence only. My current position is the first job allowing me remote access. Not having that access, I used to feel guilty for staying home and being a parent, especially if it exceeded one sick day.

But what happens when you get sick? Number one; when you work for the top boss, you have to know what’s going on for the day. Number two; know what role you play in the events happening for the day. If you are facilitating a call, make sure that is rearranged so it may still take place. Number three; make sure you call your boss first thing in the morning. This needs to be a cell phone call or text. And be sure to inform them the arrangements you made, so their day still functions in your absence.

Number four is the most important and has taken me years and years to learn: just be sick. Although I have remote access, I’ve learned to turn it off and be all about me and take care of myself. I noticed when I actually take care of myself, my recovery time is faster. Who would have thought?

I’ve learned to program myself on sick days, by first accommodating my boss’s schedule in my absence. Then, I humble myself. To humble yourself, you must accept the office will still operate in your absence. If you activate your out-of-office reply, people will have to live without your immediate response, and believe it or not, they will.

It’s okay to be sick and take care of yourself. Take the time and heal.

3 responses to “The Sick Day”

  1. This is so on point. Thanks for speaking the truth.


  2. […] as I would as if I was going to work. I touch on my sick work routine on my blog Bossing the Boss, The Sick Day . When I know my boss is set, I still have two children to wake up and get off to school.  I may […]


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