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Workaholic. It’s a personal choice.  If that works for you, great.  Again, this is for the C-level executive (CLE) and the executive assistant (EA).

CLE we get it, you have a demanding job. You don’t work
the regular hours.  Your title, salary, and responsibilities don’t allow for you to shut off once you leave the office.  Maybe not even on vacations.  EA, you also made a choice.  You chose to work for the senior executive of the company.  That being said, EA, I need you to leave your office when you’ve put your scheduled hours in. Whether you leave at 4, 5, or 6, LEAVE.  Oh, and CLE I’m going to need you to let EA leave.

Now hold on, let me finish. I’ve met many C-level executives whose schedules are booked months/ years out. Yes, I’ve booked appointments for the following year. That’s the level of demand CLE’s take on.  With that demand level, there also comes a lifestyle where work is the top, sometimes the only priority for a period.

EA, I didn’t give you permission to end your workday at 4, 5, or 6. Nope, that’s not what I did.  I gave you permission to end your office day.  Did you hear me CLE, EA is done at the office, but still available.  How? Because you have provided EA with a cell phone, laptop, iPad…whatever they need so they can work for you remotely when they have to. Why have you done this CLE? EA is a multi-tasker by trade.  They also organize and attempt to have you everywhere on time.  But, when they cannot carryover this skill into their own lives, it’s extremely frustrating.  It’s stressful enough when they can’t get you somewhere on time, imagine their stress level when they are late.

EA there will be times that can’t be avoided.  Don’t take occasional late meetings or surprises off the table. They are going to happen.  But EA whether you go home, take care of your kids, go to the gym, whatever it is you do after work, you have to be responsible enough to pick up that phone, answer that text, send that file, or search for flights when they are grounded and have to get home.   You can’t shut off when you leave the office. You signed up for this.

CLE I guarantee if you provide EA with the tools, they need to work remotely for you after their office day is over, # 1, they’ll do it, # 2, and it will be accurate.  There is nothing worse than having the day end and you have an appointment, but CLE asks for something that requires at least an hour of your time. Because now EA is trying to make that hour project take half the time.  The person that would scour every detail, is now just trying to make their appointment.  However, CLE, if they know they can make it to their appointment and send the document to you by the end of the night, you’ll both benefit.

There is also another benefit for you CLE, desk time.  I’ll talk about this in another post, but when people come by your office, your door is closed, and EA is gone, you will get your desk time.  They will be less apt to knock on a closed door.  If they see EA working at 6 or 7 and your door is open, that’s a guaranteed interruption.

CLE, let EA leave and provide them with the after-hours work tools. EA, LEAVE.  However, stay connected.

© 2016 Mia L. Hazlett

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