The Power of Defining Your Own Title

By: Mia L. Hazlett

As a grown up, I think I am anyways, I’ve discovered my confidence stems from being secure in who I’ve become professionally.  When I had my daughter, I was faced with a reality many working parents are faced with, work-life balance. Professionally, I was at the mid-rung of the corporate ladder and my job was extremely demanding. But motherhood was just as time consuming and for almost a year, I tried to balance both.  I realized there is no both.  Occasionally, you must become comfortable with falling short in each role. That’s difficult for a perfectionist.


I was a marketing manager for an apartment community and we held a function for our residents one night.  I had busted my ass all day and had to run the event that evening as well. Being a single mother, it meant my daughter had to be my “guest.” I looked across the room at about 10:30 PM as residents trickled home, and noticed my daughter asleep in her car seat. That was unacceptable for me.

Two weeks later, I put in my notice and within a month moved back home to Massachusetts. I made an incredible career change that impacted my salary…negatively.  But I set a new professional goal.  I was now an administrative assistant for an entire department.  My new goal was to one day assist a president or a chair for a board of trustees.

Please enjoy my TEDx Talk below of my journey to becoming the Boss of the Boss.

Define Your Own Title

Published by Single Professional Mother

I began my professional career in marketing. With the birth of my first daughter, I faced the tightrope walk of work-life balance. With a seven month old, I left my position as marketing manager, took a leap, and changed careers. For almost 15 years, I have worked with C- level executives in the field of administrative support. I served as an Executive Assistant to a Head of School, Founder and President of a thriving financial company, Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine, and currently a President and Board of Trustees.

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